Door Greeter Qualifications

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Door Greeter Qualifications
What does a person need to do, in order to be an effective door greeter? Is this job just for anyone? Find out!

Door Greeter Qualifications

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand (elsewhere). I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.” (Psalm 84:10, KJV)

This particular article is intended for churches that have more than, let’s say, 30 people attending. Once you reach a particular size, it’s important to make sure that no one coming to visit your church has any sense that they are not being welcomed into your midst.

This article is all about being a door greeter, and for all intents and purposes, the main function of a door greeter is to welcome people, including new-comers, but also people who regularly attend.

There is a certain sensitivity required of a door greeter, because their job is actually very important. You will leave a lasting impression if you are good. But you will also leave a lasting impression if you are not good. So let’s get started.

Qualification #1

The first qualification for being a door greeter is that you should have a sense of being called. It’s a great responsibility to be a door greeter. It’s not for the faint of heart or for the unprayed. You are going to need spiritual discernment. It’s not just a worldly calling. It’s a spiritual one.

Qualification #2

The second qualification for being a door greeter is that your heart must be in it. Don’t step near that door if your heart is not in it! Your job is not to bring anyone down, but to lift them up as they step through that door.

That door is the gateway to blessing. When everyone’s hearts are aligned with receiving the blessing (which has a lot to do with expectation), then they will be in a much better position to receive it. I’m not saying you can give anything to anyone that God has not determined to give them.

I’m not saying you have the power to create some type of special faith. No, nothing like that at all. What I’m saying is, you are an encourager. You’ve got a mission. And that’s to build up and encourage people in the faith, as they walk through that door. I’m not saying to pounce on them. But you can at least smile.

You, as a door greeter, are an essential part of helping each person be aligned with receiving the blessing, as they walk through that door. There’s a blessing in store for each person whom comes to a church.

I’m not saying the ultimate objective to coming to a church is to receive a blessing. Well, one should receive a blessing. And I realize we come to worship God. But what kind of God is it that stations his worst-behaved individuals as the door greeter? Smile a little! Show a little encouragement.

Show that you are filled with the life of God, if indeed you are. Something like that can be contagious. If someone sees you, they might say, “Hey, I want to be like that person. They seem so positive, and encouraging. That would make a much better door greeter, than someone who is down and out, don’t you think?

One of your jobs, as a door greeter, is to encourage each person that enters in through that door, so that they feel encouraged to worship the Lord with gladness and with expectation.

You don’t have to coerce them or manipulate them. I didn’t say that. But a smile is better than a frown. A look of joy is better than a look of sorrow, especially if you’re a door greeter.

God is a good God and wants to bless each person who enters in through that door.

Do you believe it?

I hope you do, because your job, as a door greeter, is to help them to be expectant to receive that blessing.

Qualification #3

The third qualification of a door greeter is that you must not exhibit personal anger, bitterness, a sense of bias, or personal judgment, towards any person that comes in. There must be no hindrance in this respect, for you are to genuinely love each person who enters in through that door, and desire their best.

As an example, you might meet someone whom you disagree with on a political, theological, or social level. These things need to be set aside if you are going to be an effective door greeter. None of this should ever interfere with your desire to encourage that person as they enter in through that door.

Morally-speaking, you might also encounter someone who does not share the same moral views as you do. Maybe they are not biblical. Once again, these need to be put aside, if you’re going to be an effective door greeter. Each person must be loved and received as someone who is welcome to come and worship. This does not mean you have to agree with their view. But they have come to worship —and so pray that God would touch them.

And even if you don’t like them, wouldn’t it be good if God touched them anyway? Then, they could change, and be that person who is likeable indeed. You see, it’s a win/win by treating them with love and respect. This also goes for other people, too, of course, not only when you are a door greeter!

God may touch each of us, at times, to bring healing to wounds that we may be carrying (or to simply correct us). There are many wounded souls who may (hopefully) pass through that door. As well, there are many people who may need correcting who will pass through those doors. We ourselves need correcting, sometimes!

Therefore, as you are sensitive to God, with each person that passes through, God will use you to make them feel welcome in your midst. Then, they will be in a better place to be able to receive the healing touch or word of correction during the service.

There is a “caveat,” however, to not judging. If you happen to encounter someone whom you think may pose a threat to another person, or a danger to the church, or to themselves, then, of course, you will need to report this to the appropriate person. Do you know who to report to? You might want to check that out.

There may also be times when you simply suspect that something is “off”. You should probably pay attention to this, because God might be speaking to you.

Therefore, if you suspect something is “off” or is “not quite right,” then, of course, you will need to report this, as well, to the appropriate person. God could be alerting you to a danger, as the very first line of defense in the church building.

Your job is important, and the security of the entire church is important, as well. Therefore, this job as a door greeter is certainly not to be taken lightly. For people’s lives might actually depend upon it.

Qualification #4

The fourth qualification of being a door greeter is that you must be sensitive. Although people are here to worship, they also have different needs. Some may have been going through quite a struggle.

You may not know what those struggles are. But it doesn’t mean God can’t speak to you in some way to help you to encourage the other person even without knowing what they are going through. He may lead you to encourage them in one way or another. Speak life and speak encouragement to each one, as God leads you. You will need to be sensitive to hearing God’s voice.

God sometimes speaks in a whisper, so the door greeter will really need to learn to be sensitive to each person. This part is tricky, because people are individuals.

Even the way you greet them may sometimes be different, depending on God’s leading. If it’s the same for each person, all the time, then I suppose that’s OK, but for sure, there are going to be times when God is calling you to be extra sensitive to some people.

The pain in this world is tangible. Some people have physical pain. Others have emotional pain. Some people entering may not know the Lord at all. There may be a person entering who has recently lost a loved one. And there may be any number of other struggles that people may be facing.

Being a door greeter is not a job for a pre-programmed robot but for a human who is connected to God in his, or her, spirit. You must be able to be sensitive to the Lord in carrying out that job. You might not get it right on the first try, but with practice, you’ll get better and better each time you do it. God will help you to be sensitive to each person who passes through the door.

Qualification #5

The fifth qualification of being a door greeter is that you must be wise. Just because you are sensitive to the Lord does not mean that you can do anything at all.

Be respectful.

Be courteous.

Be polite.

Do not engage in any form of behavior that would be inappropriate for a Christian (this should go without saying).

Door greeters should also operate in teams, if at all possible. For example, you would normally want to have at least one other person with this. This can be important for your safety, and so that no one takes advantage of you.

If you cannot be with another person, it is recommended that you always be within line of sight of another person who is an authority at the church.

In short, be mindful that you want to ensure that you maintain a high standard of behavior that will give the church and the name of the Lord a good reputation.

It is an awesome thing to be a door greeter — a very awesome responsibility, indeed!

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