Not receiving emails from us? Here is what you can do.

First, open your email client (eg. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc) and do a global search for all emails from That is the email address we are using to write you at. Please search your spam folder, your promotions folder — to be sure that you truly cannot receive emails from us.

If you actually can receive emails from us, but the email is ending up in the wrong folder, the next step is to whitelist us. This means you need to setup a filter rule so that your email client recognizes the email as not being spam and to go directly to your inbox instead. The process for whitelisting an email address is different, depending on the email client you are using. We recommend you use a search engine like Duck Duck Go, and type in the following words, "How to whitelist an email in (name of your email client or provider)". Then, setup your filter rule.

If you definitely cannot receive emails from us, please submit a technical report.

If you signed up to receive news alerts from us, but did not confirm your subscription by clicking on the email that we sent you the first time, you can always sign up again, and we will send you another email. (Do not fear, you cannot be double subscribed on our system.)

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