Man Who Wanted to Become Muslim Scholar, Discovers Christ

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Man Who Wanted to Become Muslim Scholar, Discovers Christ
Man Who Wanted to Become Muslim Scholar is about a man who was studying to be a Muslim scholar who tested to see if Allah or Jesus would answer him. Jesus answered!

Man Who Wanted to Become Muslim Scholar, Discovers Christ

I am new in faith. I am a Christian now. I live in Iraq. I am a Kurd. I used to be a Muslim and studied Islam and Arabic language for a long time to become a Sheikh (Islamic Scholar).

Early in my life I began to have some doubts about Islam. For example how would the Quran deny Jesus’s crucifixion when we have overwhelming evidence to support it, even outside the Bible?

Also, why is God not called Jehovah or Yahweh in the Quran, especially when the Quran claims that it is from the same God who inspired the Bible?

Also, why the Quran claims Mohammed is mentioned by name in the Bible and Jesus said he would come after him, when in fact Mohammed is not mentioned at all in the Bible?

Also, why the Quran claims it will be preserved and not changed, when in fact there are so many versions of Quran? (Watch or read Jay Smith about that.)

Also, you see the Kaaba in Mekka is the holiest place in Islam and the Quran says Abraham built it as a place of worship. But in fact Mekka is never mentioned in the Bible and Abraham did not even go to Mekka.

Also, why so many apocryphal writings are found in the Quran? Like the seven sleepers, Jesus making a bird out of clay, Solomon’s bird and Queen of Sheeba.

Also, why so much violence in The Quran and especially in the Hadith (sayings and actions of Mohammed) like ordering to kill anyone who leaves Islam and killing every adult (in Islam about 14 years and above) on earth who does not believe in Mohammed and Allah and does not pray like what Mohammed taught, Quran 9:29. Taking captured girls and women after killing or capturing the men and making them slaves, the girls and women also become slaves and are distributed among the Muslim fighters (Mujahideen).

Mohammed in Hadith picked the most beautiful for himself. They become their sex slaves for having sex with willingly or unwillingly whether their husband or family still alive or not. The Mujahideens can sell them in the Market.

All these made me doubt about Islam.

I listened to many smart and intelligent Islamic scholars about the answers to my doubts and questions, but they were not convincing. I started to watch some channels on YouTube that criticized Islam. Channels like Acts17Apologetics, Islam Critiqued, Apostate Prophet, Jay Smith videos. Their criticism matched what I studied about Islam. I knew it must not be from God.

I thought about Christianity.

I downloaded a Bible.

I read it.

I found it convincing.

I watched so many videos about Christianity on YouTube. I knew Jesus was the truth. I knew he was the Son of God.

One day in February 2019, I raised my hand, closed my eyes and pleaded to God with all my heart. I asked Allah, if he was the true God, let him do something and save me from becoming a Christian. I stress, I asked him with all my heart.

No response from Allah.

Then I asked Jesus Christ to be my Lord, Saviour, and my God.

I said, “You are the way, the truth and the life. Come to my life and show me something.”

In the midst of my prayer, I sensed an energy entering me. It made me feel happy. It made me sweat and feel heat (warmth) and love.

At that time I did not know what it was, but I knew it was a sign from Jesus.

Later on I knew it was the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Now I like my life more, because I know I am a child of God, and not only a mere slave of Allah, as it is the case in the Quran.

My life now in a way is more difficult. I haven’t told my family yet. If I tell them they are going to disown me in the best case scenario if not kill me. At the end this is what Mohammed ordered Muslims to do.

That’s why I need to move to the West. If not I have to live among them and pray and fast like them and speak like them and praise Mohammed and Allah, and hide my thought and biblical views about Jesus, the Son of God.

I ask you, my brothers and sisters, to pray for my family and every Muslim on earth to know Jesus Christ and accept him as their God, Lord and Saviour.

We should not hate Muslims.

They need love and caring. They need Jesus Christ.

I want to become a preacher and someone who shares the Gospel to the world and especially to my fellow Kurds.

You, too, can share the gospel and become a soldier of Jesus Christ.

God bless you, every Muslim and every non-Christian.

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