The Judgment of God is Coming Like a Flood

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The Judgment of God is Coming Like a Flood
The Judgment of God Is Coming Like a Flood details the coming judgment upon assemblies of God that will come like a flood.

The Judgment of God is Coming Like a Flood

On July 7, 2024, I had a dream of coming judgment upon the assemblies of the living God. Upon waking, the first thing I could remember was a massive flood. The flood appeared both outdoors and indoors. Indoors, the flood was in a building where there was gross sexual immorality happening. The sexual immorality was happening among soldiers.

This dream starts out with the exposure of one man —an older man— in the military, who gets exposed for committing sexual sin. I took this man aside to give him a word from God about his heart, and about his need for repentance (for the Lord had given me a word for this man). I wanted to speak with him privately so as not to shame him in front of other people. This would give him the best opportunity to repent.

I led him to a private location, in which there was a door at his back (like an entrance to a stairwell), and instead of hearing my word, he tried to sexually assault me (this was demonstrated in the dream by him licking my face).

Why is his back against a door that appears to lead to a stairwell? Because there is a choice to be made. And that choice can either lead to a good direction (going up, in the path of God and blessing) or a bad direction (going down, in the path of Satan and cursing).

I told him to stop but he would not stop. Thus, this man was unrepentant. He had been given the chance to repent. But he refused to repent. And this was the point. This part of the dream tells us this man, an older man, is “ripe” for judgment. And this is where the unfolding of this dream starts.

Following this incident, in which the man was exposed as having been a sexually immoral, unrepentant, man, there is an outdoor scene. It is pictured as being military training in which soldiers are outside on a training exercise.

There is a high fence. Fences are used to set boundaries. This fence denotes God’s boundaries. God has boundaries. If you go beyond his boundaries, you will be called a transgressor of the law. You will incur guilt. And judgment.

Suddenly, I see the older man running by and I boldly call him out for his sin in front of everyone. This means that if you commit sin, you will be exposed publicly if you fail to repent and deal with it properly. This is just like what happened to Mike Bickle. In late October of 2023, Mike Bickle started to be publicly called out for his unrepentant sexual sin. And in this dream, I think Mike Bickle is very much “like” the man who is being called out for his unrepentant sexual sin.

God can use anyone he wants to, in order to expose people’s sin, once they have determined they are not going to repent. Sometimes, God waits to expose sin. He is gracious. But once the time limit has elapsed, it will be exposed. In the dream, I am just a “type” of person who exposes sin. But in the case of Mike Bickle, for example, it started to be exposed when one of his victims courageously came forward. Then, there was another. Then, another. His secret life of sexual sin began to be exposed. Today, Mike Bickle is a byword among the people.

Righteous Judgment

In the dream, when I call out this man’s sin, he’s running by me in the dream, as though on some type of sprint or race. I’m also in the same race, it seems, because I’m sprinting, as well. The Bible likens the Christian life to a race, in which we read,

“Don’t you know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run like that, that you may win.” (1 Corinthians 9:24)

Directly Involved

As I expose this older man, I then look at myself, and notice that I’m wearing unusual attire. An unusual amount of my skin is showing. Since I’m shown running in a race, or a sprint, and races or sprints are considered “games” in biblical terminology (see 1 Corinthians 9:25), you might say I had a lot of skin in the game. According to the Collins dictionary, “If someone has skin in the game, they are directly involved in something and will be affected by how it turns out.”1

Since I’m representing the person calling out this man’s sin, and I really do not represent myself in this part of the dream, this symbolism indicates how significant exposing this man’s sin is to the person who was abused by him. It takes great courage for someone to come forward. This is often done at great personal risk to the victim, who deserves credit and support for their willingness to bring to light these terrible misdeeds.

Bringing forward credible allegations of abuse can seem overwhelming to many, which is why, in many cases, abusive situations are allowed to go on for years, and even decades, among leaders in the church. Anyone who is willing to come forward with credible allegations of clergy sexual abuse, should be held in high esteem, and not disdained, mocked, or ridiculed.

Victims are often manipulated for years, and coerced into thinking that if they come forward, they will be the cause of the downfall of the leader. Hence, great pressure is put upon them. Coming forward can seem like an almost insurmountable challenge. And they must be given the chance to share their testimony in an unbiased, respectable, environment.

Red Lines on Black

I looked down and noticed something that appeared to be red parallel lines on black material the size of a book which could be representative of the blood of Christ covering my sin. Thus, one might reason that God was wanting to use this imagery to remind anyone who brings forth an accusation against an elder, that they are to do so with their own forgiveness in mind, and in the same spirit that Christ himself would come. The imagery seems to be pointing us to the word of God (the Bible). And thus it would seem the Lord is reminding us to mantain his standards, as written in the word of God, as we bring our accusations forward against another person.

Having said that, it has been argued, I believe correctly, that Matthew 18 is not designed for cases of clergly sexual abuse. That would be like going to your abuser, and trying to get his permission to somehow bring his abusive behavior to light. He is going to resist you at every turn. You might want to consult a lawyer, like BozLaw PA2 or someone who specializes in handling cases of clergy sexual abuse.

A Word Spoken

Immediately after this, as I was still running, someone said something to me. It was brief. I don’t know what it was. This could refer to good things or bad things that people might say in response to you, if you bring a righteous accusation against another.

If you have something to share about an abusive situation that has gone on without any repentance, and you believe God is calling you to expose that, are you ready for the good comments, and the bad?

This part of the dream could be God’s way of saying, “Get yourself emotionally prepared to handle any words that may come, after you bring forward your accusations.” This might be a good time to strengthen your relationships among the brethren, and to seek out godly individuals for their support, encouragement, and wise counsel. Indeed, there is safety in the midst of godly counsellors (see Proverbs 11:14).


Following this, there is another scene. This part contains a repetition. In this next scene, I enter into the building but I do not enter through a door, but rather through a window. Entering in this way represents sin — doing that which is forbidden. Instead of entering through the door, I am some others soldiers are climbing on top of some lower roof assembly (e.g. the roof over the entrance) and scaling it, in order to get in through a window, like a thief would.

Jesus said,

“Most certainly, I tell you, one who doesn’t enter by the door into the sheep fold, but climbs up some other way, is a thief and a robber.” (John 10:1)

The first time I did this, I was not with the people that I was with on the second occasion. There is a clear delineation between the two occurrences. The point of the first occurrence is to contrast my life before I was a Christian, with my life since becoming a Christian. Before I was a Christian, I freely broke God’s laws. But since becoming a Christian, I do not.

In the dream, on the second occasion, I am there as an observer of what is happening. I am not there as a willing participant. It is for information purposes only, even as Ezekiel was shown the evil that was being committed behind closed doors (see Ezekiel 8:7-12). It is very similar in this case. God is showing me what is going on. It is extremely ugly. It is so awful, I do not even want to write about it.

Large Scale Gross Sexual Immorality

The first time I enter into this building, nothing is shown to me at all. I am simply shown entering in through the window. But the second time I enter into the building, with the others, who are pictured as young military, I see that there is gross sexual sin happening in this building on a level that is truly repulsive.

This place is more like a brothel. There is large-scale group sexual immorality happening. For example, in one room, I saw many men (maybe 30) and one woman, and they were all committing sexual immorality with her. It was gross and vile. I did not see specific acts that were being performed. It was hidden from my eyes. But they were all committing sexual immorality with the woman, publicly and in full view of the others. It was a group activity. It was truly repulsive.

I went to another room in the same building and saw the same thing but it was not the identical room or the identical people. It was vile. In other words, God was showing me this happening in “more than one place.”

There was gross sexual sin happening in this building. But what did this building represent? As odd as this might sound, I believe this building represents an assembly of believers on the earth today (likely multiple assemblies). The reason I say “multiple” assemblies is because I was shown more than one room. Therefore, I believe there are at least two assemblies being shown here, and there could be others.

Within these assemblies, many are getting in through unrighteous means, and these individuals are not servants of the living God at all. You may recall that in Matthew 22, Jesus tells a parable, and in the parable, the king comes to see his guests at the wedding banquet. The king finds a man who is not wearing proper wedding clothes, and he is cast out into the outer darkness (representing hell). For we read,

“But when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man who didn’t have on wedding clothing, and he said to him, ‘Friend, how did you come in here not wearing wedding clothing?’ He was speechless. Then the king said to the servants, ‘Bind him hand and foot, take him away, and throw him into the outer darkness. That is where the weeping and grinding of teeth will be.’ For many are called, but few chosen.” (Matthew 22:11-14)

This last statement, “For many are called, but few chosen,” tells us that many will believe they are saved from God’s judgment, only to find out on judgment day that they do not make it in, because they are not wearing the right clothes.

Before I was a genuine follower of Christ, I used to “go to church” thinking that all was well. But all was not well. I was a thief, which I have written about in my testimony, entitled, A Changed Heart. I would enter into the assembly of God, but my heart was not changed. Sadly, the gospel was not properly represented in the assembly, which is one reason I was never challenged with the true gospel until I was 22.

Thus, in this dream, I am shown entering into this building the first time by the window. That is like the man in the above parable who entered into the wedding banquet wearing improper clothing. He was cast out into the outer darkness, because he was not “clothed” with readiness (an allusion to many Scripture passages).

In Isaiah 61:10, we read,

“he has clothed me with the garments of salvation. He has covered me with the robe of righteousness” (see Isaiah 61:10).

For the genuine believer, that is, the one who has truly confessed and repented of his sins, God has clothed that person with his righteousness. But if we live a lifestyle of immorality, we will be rejected. The Bible puts it this way,

“But for the cowardly, unbelieving, sinners, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their part is in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8)

Another evidence to indicate that this dream refers to Christians (or so-called Christians), is that they are pictured as soldiers. Paul writes to Timothy, calling him a soldier, saying,

“You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 2:3)

In the next verse, Paul exhorts Timothy (and by inference, all of us), saying,

“No soldier on duty entangles himself in the affairs of life, that he may please him who enrolled him as a soldier.” (2 Timothy 2:4)

And this is the problem. This dream is about gross violation of God’s commandments. The chief commander, God himself, is not pleased with what is going on. Judgment is at hand.

The Lord of Hosts

The expression, “Lord of Hosts” (or “Yahweh of Armies”) is used at least 235 times in the Old Testament, referring to God himself. This is a military term. And in the New Testament, at the second coming of Jesus, the Bible says,

“... the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.” (Revelation 19:14)

This is referring to a time when Jesus Christ will return to the earth, and following him will be his righteous servants. I will be there, and you will be there, as well, if you are righteous. We will follow him clothed in fine linen, with a newly resurrected body that can never die.

This heavenly army will not be an impure army, but will be pure. Those who have been called into service to fight a spiritual battle against wicked forces in heavenly places cannot themselves be overcome by these same forces, can they? No, they cannot. Therefore, God is going to judge his own people. Therefore, it should not be surprising that I then saw a massive flood, representing judgment from God. It’s coming!

The Flood

Suddenly, I see a large amount of water, but I do not see it rising. It has already arrived. I don’t know when it came. It’s just there in front of me. I am shown an aerial view. I am looking from above, meaning I’m not in the water. This symbolizes the fact that I am being shown this scene (and the entire dream) from the heavenly perspective.

The water is, it would seem, some 10, or 15 feet deep. That is a lot of water. I am given a fairly wide-angle shot. The water is everywhere. The land is fully submerged under the water. Interestingly, the water is completely calm. It is not torrential. But it is nevertheless very ominous.

The fact that the water is completely calm could be so I can get a good look at how deep it is. It is, in fact, crystal clear. You can see right through it. This might mean that for the discerning person, it is easy to see why this judgment has now come.

Another reason I might be seeing the land completely covered in water, which looks rather motionless, but fully submerged, could be because it is an indication of how God is going to let this judgment “sit” for a while.

The place being judged was filled up like a bathtub is filled up with water — without a drain. The water was just sitting there, and the entire place was completely submerged under 10 or perhaps 15 feet of water. That’s a lot of water. That would be one or two full stories of water. That’s a very powerful judgment.

The judgment is pictured as a very large flood. The flood occupies the land. This is consistent with biblical imagery found in Isaiah 59:19, which reads,

“So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59:19, KJV)

It seems to be a night scene. It is dimly lit (with outdoor lights) but still visible. The darkness likely suggests darkness in the land. Darkness may be one means by which God brings judgment on a land.

This being an outdoor shot, if then the building itself represents at least two assemblies of believers on the earth, then the land itself would most likely represent the world. It remains to be seen exactly how many assemblies will be involved in this judgment. But the logical conclusion here is that trials are coming upon the world, which will then be used by God to bring refining to some very corrupt assemblies.

Reentering the Building

In the dream, I go into the building.

This is the third time I am shown entering this building.

The building is the same building where all of the gross sexual immorality was happening before. This building is flooded. The water is deep. There is so much water in the building, that you cannot possibly stand. This looks to me to be the assemblies of God under judgment.

It is a large building. I am swimming in the water. The water is very deep — again, in the order of 10 or even 15 feet deep. The building is not pictured as a house, but more like a giant warehouse with very high ceilings. The rooms are very large.

I am not shown as having any problems swimming or navigating through the water. People needed to be rescued. This was the entire point of re-entering into this same building.

Since I was indeed shown entering the building by some unauthorized means in the past, this symbolism suggests that this may refer to “the assemblies at large” rather than a few assemblies.

The second time I am shown entering in the dream, I was brought in as an observer through the forbidden passage in order to see what was actually going on. It was sick and disgusting.

Now we see a third time my entering this building. In this third instance, however, I do not enter through the forbidden entrance. Rather, I simply go into the building in order to rescue the perishing. In this snapshot, the idea is that God is bringing judgment in the assemblies of his people, of which many are not even saved, and some will be genuinely saved out of this. In fact, it is the judgment that will bring them to salvation —whereas if there had been no judgment, they would have remained lost.

The Rescue Scene

I am now in the building. The entire place is flooded. There is no possibility of even touching the floor with your feet. The flood of water is terrifically high. As mentioned, it is somewhere in the order of 10 or even 15 feet of water. There is no possibility of anyone at all surviving in this flood unless they are rescued. God is that lover of souls who in the midst of the flood wants to rescue the perishing! The Bible says,

“The Lord is not slow concerning his promise, as some count slowness; but he is patient with us, not wishing that anyone should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9)

And so the question is, where are you in the midst of this scenario? Prior to embarking upon the rescue mission, I say to someone that I am going to rescue some people. There is no time to waste. This means I am not alone in this effort. Instead, I’m merely a representative in the dream of others who are called to do the same thing. For all believers are called to go and reach the lost for Christ. We can do that through various ways. Some may preach, others may host Bible study groups, and yet others may use other gifts, whether cooking, providing, leading, singing, playing music, showing mercy, among dozens of other possibilities. No matter what your exact role is, find out where you fit —and fit into a growing fellowship of believers where you can be used by God to make a difference.

I moved through the waters. I was not walking, of course, because the waters were very deep. However, I was not seen as having any problems whatsoever in navigating these waters. How could this be? It’s because the dream is symbolic.

This dream is multi-faceted, so we cannot say it is God’s will to destroy these people. God’s wrath or judgment comes because he is righteous. Therefore, he must uphold his laws of righteousness. But in the midst of it, God wants to save people. But who is he going to save? The Bible is very clear.

“Surely his salvation is near those who fear him, that glory may dwell in our land.” (Psalm 85:9)

In other words, God is looking for that righteous soul who is willing to fully trust in him. The reason I am not seen as having any difficulty navigating these deep waters is because I am saved. It is not that I do not go through any trials, for even the righteous suffer and are persecuted (see 2 Timothy 3:12).

This dream really is about rescuing lost souls. Therefore, the judgment I saw was about reaching lost souls for Christ. And so in the midst of this judgment, which I saw, I believe God is saying that he wants to save some who are not saved at all (even though they may think they are).

Macaulay Culkin

The floors in this place are vast and huge. I make my way through the building and notice one boy — he looks like Macaulay Culkin at the time he was in the movie, “Home alone.” In “Home alone” the boy did what he wanted to. He was young. He was a child. He was uneducated in adult ways (relating to being uneducated in the things of God). This is a symbol of someone who need rescuing.

I grabbed this boy in the water. He would have perished had I not grabbed him, because his head was already under the water (he was just at the point of going under). Yet he was still alive. I took hold of him (praise God!) and he was rescued. I took him to another room (still navigating in the water), where there was a platform above the water, where people were being brought to, who had been rescued. There was a whole row of people on that platform. They had all been rescued.

This is a veritable rescue scene, and people were being put on that platform. It is also possible that the reason it is shown as being a platform is that from there, they would be used by God to help others get saved, thus fulfilling 2 Timothy 2:2:

“The things which you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit the same things to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2)

The Reason for the Older Man

You will recall that the dream starts out with an older man being called out for his sin. I believe this “older man” is a “type” of a more mature Christian leader who has recently been exposed on account of his sin.

So what is God actually saying here? Why include the picture of the older man at all in the dream? I think the reasons are fairly clear.

I cannot help but think of Mike Bickle when I think of the older man, because in late 2023, Mike Bickle, who has been in Christian leadership for more than 40 years, began to get exposed as an unrepentant, sexually immoral, leader.

In fact, the Lord spoke to me about Mike Bickle and IHOPKC (the International House of Prayer Kansas City), the organization that he founded, in April of 2020. What I saw was judgment coming against an organization pictured as being “my father’s house” in the dream.

You can read about that in my three part series, entitled, The Judgment of God on Fake Miracle Workers (Parts 1 to 3), which you can find posted on my website. It is truly incredible what the Lord showed me. These articles were archived by the Internet Archive in 2022, and the archive versions can be found at Thus, this is not something I simply came up with on the spur of the moment. The Lord really did show it to me.

And so I think this “older man” is quite likely a reference to Mike Bickle. The twist in this current dream, is that the sin in the church not only relates to older Christian leaders, but younger ones, as well. How much younger is not shown, but certainly much younger than those who have been in leadership for more than 40 years, like Mike Bickle.

Because of this sin, judgment is coming.

And when it comes, it will come with a flood. The question is, what does God expect anyone to do about it?

For that, you are going to need to go to prayer, and ask the Lord how you might serve him in the days ahead. Just what is coming remains to be seen. But when it comes, it is going to come like a flood. So prepare yourself. And the best way to do that is to be righteous with the Lord.

The Bible says,

“Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.” (Proverbs 11:4)

The Bible also says,

“Yahweh’s name is a strong tower: the righteous run to him, and are safe.” (Proverbs 18:10)

Run to Yahweh. Run to the Lord Jesus Christ, who also is revealed as Yahweh in Genesis 18:22-25, even as you compare that with John 8:56, and be safe in his arms. For he longs to be gracious to you, if you will only come to him, on his terms.

God’s terms are,

“You shall be holy; for I am holy” (see 1 Peter 1:16)


“‘Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” (2 Corinthians 6:17-18)



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