A Vision for Canada

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A Vision for Canada
A Vision for Canada is a compelling read and details the author's journey through revelation that was received concerning Canada. You may be led to pray for Canada like never before!

A Vision for Canada

One day, the Lord told me to take a step in a certain direction. It was just one step he told me to take. And then he said, “The Spirit of God is moving in that direction.” I quickly ran to my car, and got out a large paper map of Ottawa (where I was living at the time), for back in those days, I actually had a paper map in my car!

I went back to the room, and opened up the map, and carefully placed it on the ground. I aligned the map with the street outside. Then, I drew a line from where we were on the map in the exact direction the Lord had told me, and the line went precisely through the Canadian parliament buildings some 12km away. Therefore, this was the direction that the Spirit of God was moving in — in the direction of the Canadian parliament buildings!

This was shortly before Stephen Harper, a Christian, was elected as Prime Minister of Canada. The Lord then confirmed to me just days before the election, that Stephen Harper would indeed be elected Prime Minister of Canada, by filling me with an exceedingly great joy. My insides were about ready to burst! This joy lasted the entire working day, and only increased as I drove home that day. In the car, I begged the Lord to please tell me why he was filling me with such incredible joy!

When I arrived home, I remembered that the election was in just a few days. God was filling me with his joy because Stephen Harper was going to become Prime Minister of Canada! It was really the Lord’s joy that I was feeling. The joy was so great, that I quickly grabbed my wife, and began dancing with her in the living room.

Now years before this, as I was driving in my car (once again in Ottawa), my wife also being with me at the time, I felt a distinct grieving in my spirit. I knew it somehow related to the Canadian parliament, so I said, “Honey, is there something happening in parliament today?”

My wife responded, “Yes, today is the day they are voting on that homosexual bill.”

For at that time, there was a great “push” on, to pass a law which would make it illegal for anyone to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. This law eventually did pass.

To be sure, all people, regardless of their beliefs and practices, are highly valued in God’s sight. The evidence for this is that Christ himself was willing to even die for us “while we were yet sinners” (see Romans 5:8). Yes, I am a sinner, too! But it does not mean that Christ approves of everything I do!

Why or how, then, does God even value us? He values us because we are each created in God’s image. Imagine, then, you have a pot of pure gold. Now you create an object with that pure gold. Will you value that object? Certainly you will, for it is created of pure gold.

Human beings are like that, too. They are created of a substance that is “pure gold” in God’s eyes. This substance is “the image of God.” God longs to see the image of God upheld and respected in our world. And he will indeed reward us for that. On the other hand, he is very grieved when it is not upheld.

And thus it was that I felt grieved in my heart that day. But I did not know why until I asked my wife what was going on in the Canadian parliament. And then, when I knew, I also knew that the Spirit of God was grieved, and that he was sharing his heart with me.

Now the day this grieving occurred was (I am almost certain) September 17, 2003. I know this because Bill C-250 was given third reading on September 17, 2003. I remember when this happened, it was not that cold in Ottawa, and there had already been at least one reading.

Now at about that time, I also had a dream. This dream occurred on Aug 17, 2003, to be exact — exactly one month to the day before the third reading of Bill C-250. Although I received this dream on that date, it is not something I really ever talked about, or broadcast, until this year (meaning, 2018). Therefore, this dream has been sitting for quite a while — almost 15 years.

I hope and pray that what I share with you will be truly reflective of the heart of God. My prayer is that I will be very careful with this information, as I think there is some important information here. I’m also open to hearing from anyone else who thinks they may have further insight to add to this dream. The Bible says interpretations belong to God (see Genesis 40:8), so let us seek God for his wisdom.

Note that this dream was written down in my journal, so I’m not going by “memory” here. Only a few of my own commentaries have been omitted, which I originally wrote down, but they are interpretative, and not actually part of the dream. Thus, what you are seeing here is almost word-for-word what I wrote on that day.

There were these 2 women near the parliament buildings. They were mature —in their 30s or 40s— and looked the same. I do not know how to describe the difference between the two women except to say that there was a difference. One was “sane” whereas the other was “not”. The 2 women went down some stairs (outdoor stairs, not indoor ones). The style of these stairs was as though —these women went down, and out-of-sight, via some means such as outdoor stairs— and they were attempting or desiring to find an opening or passageway via the stairs which went downward, and as soon as these 2 women went out-of-sight there was a sense of fear or panic that one of them (the “insane”) would harm —perhaps innocently— the other. But within seconds, a third woman appeared who rescued the two women and who prevented any harm from happening. This woman appeared out of nowhere. Everyone (several people) were glad and relieved that the 2 women had been rescued. And when asked what her name was, this 3rd woman replied, “Anges” — a French word meaning “angel.”

Someone immediately replied, “Angel!” So I kept a close eye on the person after she departed from everyone else’s view, and at one point I saw how she changed from a mature woman of 30 or 40 to a small girl of maybe 10. Then I knew she was indeed an angel. I did not tell anyone because I did not feel led to, but observed this angel. I discerned, or figured, she was a good angel sent by the Lord, on account of her good deed. Thus it was that I pursued this angel. She responded positively and neither refrained from talking with me nor disappeared.

At one point during the dream I saw Pastor Boucher walking with two or three others, and I pondered whether or not he would be interested in meeting this angel. So I ventured to ask him (with full confidence, not hesitatingly), “Pastor Boucher, can you spare a moment? I have something personal and confidential and very important I want to discuss with you” (or to that effect).

Pastor Boucher eventually said, “Yes,” after some hesitation (because he was with others at the time) and I proceeded to take him to the room where I had asked the angel to stay (if she would be willing) and not leave or disappear (to which she had agreed).

When we finally got to the room, I opened the door, and there was sitting a new form of the angel! The angel was now a small Indian-looking beautiful girl of about 5 years old. I picked the child/angel up and hugged her and spoke some words to her.

Yes, she was an angel. I proceeded then to talk with Pastor Boucher.

Wow. Can someone please tell me what this dream is about? Today, being 2018, now about 15 years later, I feel confident in sharing this dream. Why so long? My guess? This relates to the comments in the dream, first, about half-way through, “I did not tell anyone because I did not feel led to,” and second, at the end, “after some hesitation” — meaning time would have to pass before I could share this dream, possibly because I needed to mature, to be able to properly and accurately deliver it. So it appears that that day has finally arrived. (And I certainly lacked some maturity before.)

Also, my own immaturity aside, I think you will find that some time needed to pass, merely to be able to fully understand the “gist” of this dream.

First, before even beginning, I would like to start by saying that on a theological level, I do not believe in starting up conversations with angels that you may believe are present in a room, and I do not believe the Bible endorses or teaches that. However, in Hebrews 13:2, the Bible does say that “some have entertained angels without knowing it,” because angels may assume the form of human beings. The bottom line is that I do not believe the dream is in any way teaching that we should initiate conversations with invisible beings. Please, the only invisible being you should be conversing with is God, not dead human beings, and not invisible angels!

And now, let us briefly talk about Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Briefly, from Wikipedia,

“The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) was a truth and reconciliation commission organized by the parties of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. The Commission was officially established on June 2, 2008 with the purpose of documenting the history and impacts of the Indian residential school.1

“The Commission officially concluded in December 2015 with the publication of a multi-volume report that concluded the school system amounted to cultural genocide. The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, which opened in November 2015, is home to the research, documents, and testimony collected during the course of the TRC’s operation.”2

The dream is about the “sane” woman, and the “insane” woman. Where are they battling? They are battling at the parliament buildings, down the stairs and out-of-sight — they are battling for, and at, the very foundations of Canada itself! This is a huge battle — the entire nation is at stake!

Who do these two women represent? Evil versus good? Homosexuality versus heterosexuality? Yes, I do believe they represent homosexuality versus heterosexuality, but that is not all there is to it. The issue is much greater than that, even. Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission is not about sexual identity; it is about the identity of an entire people group that God created. And it is about a Satanic attempt to destroy that identity. In the above quote, it is called “cultural genocide.”3 Those affected are Canada’s Indian, Aboriginal, or Indigenous people.

In the dream, the angel becomes “a small Indian-looking beautiful girl of about 5 years old.” What is this all about? There is no question in my mind that this points directly to Canada’s Indian, Aboriginal, or Indigenous people.

Then, there is this pastor. He is Pastor Boucher. Who is he? Pastor Barry Boucher of Ottawa wrote the following words almost exactly 6 years after I had this dream (on August 26, 2009 to be exact). He wrote, concerning repentance of Christian believers in Canada:

“We did this in Canada with David Demian and the Watchman. For over ten years we repented for our personal sin, broken relationships, pride in ministry, independence, isolationism, and how the church historically treated the First Nations People, the Jews, and the French.”4

Did you get that? He specifically mentions three people groups — the First Nations People (this includes Canada’s Indian, Aboriginal, or Indigenous people), the Jews (whom we turned away during the war), and the French.

And what about the French in the dream? They are there, too. For she said her name was “Anges” — a French word meaning “angel.” Why is her name “Angel”? Her name is “Angel” because the battle is a spiritual one. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces in heavenly places (see Ephesians 6:12).

Her name points to a spiritual war. Now in my journal, her name is written as “Anges” and not “Ange.” Anges means “Angels” (plural). There is indeed a spiritual war going on, and it involves many angels (and demons).

Deliverance comes by a third channel — one that relates to the French and the Indian/Indigenous people. I would suggest that it may also relate to the Jews, and mistreatment of any others.

The battle is a spiritual one, being fought in “high places”. Who or what can resolve it? And, do you see the connection with Stephen Harper, and the incredible joy that was given to me just days before the Canadian election in February of 2006?

Think, friend, think!

Who officially established Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Stephen Harper.

What Stephen Harper did was monumental. But it was not without God’s help. Years prior, prayer had started to ascend to God. It is just like Barry Boucher wrote,

“We did this in Canada with David Demian and the Watchman. For over ten years we repented for our personal sin, broken relationships, pride in ministry, independence, isolationism, and how the church historically treated the First Nations People, the Jews, and the French.”5

Yes, and I actually met David Demian in 1991, along with Bob Birch, who originally led Watchmen for the Nation, and encourage you to read their story6. So this repentance has been going on now for many years.

Why then is this work not yet complete? Because not everyone in the church is submitted to Christ.

When the work is complete, God shall quickly dispatch angelic messengers, that no one shall be able to restrain. Then, God will, by way of application, apply the words written on Canada’s Peace Tower, to the nation herself:

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea.” (Psalm 72:8)

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